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The MadFlex


  • MadFlex Pros
  • Sports
  • Building
  • Automotive
  • Nautical
  • Healthcare
  • Aerospace
MadFlex Pros

  • Lightness – 690 g/m2<1800 g/m2 with a thickness of 1<11 mm (4 times lighter than aluminium and ABS)
  • Storage and transportability - 9 m MadFlex rollable in 20 cm
  • Thermo-formability - Possibility to create curved shapes and designs otherwise impossible
  • Specific bending stiffness - "rigid side" 250<13 N∙m2/m - “flexi side” 2<0,1 N∙m2/m
  • Increased tensile strength and stiffness, impact resistance and puncture - tensile strength between 370<700 kN/m, flexural strength 95<450 Nm/m
  • Insulating capacity, with consequent higher energy efficiency
  • Environmental impact - 5 times lower than ABS and aluminium
  • Avoidance of complex and expensive mechanisms to create folding parts
  • Partial elasticity, which allows reducing vibrations, making it excellent from an anti-seismic point of view
  • Self-supporting capacity, with the reduction/elimination of rigid structural elements and ease of the implementation
  • Fireproof
  • High resistance to atmospheric agents, including the marine environment, solar light and UV radiations
  • Resistance to temperature between -40° and 100° C
  • Recyclability – it can be made of recycled materials such as PET, glass or carbon fiber