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Composite Research (CoRe) is a start-up company, founded in 2015 by a group of young Italian professionals, coming both from the technical (chemical and engineering) and the commercial (financial and communication) sectors. Driven by their curiosity on the world of materials and structural solutions, they decided to work together in order to turn a lab project into a business opportunity. In 2015, CoRe developed and patented the MADFLEX: an innovative composite sandwich design and production process, which makes the panel flexible (even rollable) on the one side and rigid/crushproof on the other. We chose the name MadFlex for this technology to suggest the idea of ​​an extremely resistant material (MADly strong), which is at the same time flexible and modular (super FLEX). 

In developing the MadFlex, CoRe wanted to give companies the opportunity not to choose between options, but to have everything they need in a single high performance product. In a single product, the MadFlex combines the pros of technical fabrics (extreme lightness, flexibility), insulating foams (acoustic and thermal insulation, damping of vibrations) and structural materials (high resistance and rigidity). Thanks to its multilayer conformation, CoRe can choose the best geometry and the most suitable combination of materials to design the panel (e.g. carbon fibre, Kevlar, aramid fibres, foams, etc.). MadFlex can replace standard composites where flexibility can be a keystone to simplify storage, transport and mounting or can substitute flexible polymeric materials, adding structural performance to lightness. The MadFlex allows in fact rethinking, redesigning and simplifying a considerable number of applications in different sectors, from automotive / marine to building / design, from aerospace to sport / healthcare.

After a period spent optimizing the MadFlex technology and making it more and more in line with market expectations, in late 2017, CoRe started a campaign aimed at presenting its technology on the market to seek early stage customers interested in developing proof-of-concept models using the MadFlex in the framework of paid R&D projects. Until today, Composite Research has operated as an engineering company specialized in composite materials that, leveraging on its own expertise and proprietary patents, offers to "composite parts fabricators" and to "end-users" the possibility to create innovative proof-of-concept products with unique physical and mechanical characteristics based on the MadFlex general structure and specific shapes and functionalities. Research contract have already been signed in the automotive, medical and building sectors.


  •  2 international patents and 1 pending
  • -   Winner of the EIT Raw Materials Booster Program, 2016
  • -   Finalist al the JEC World Startup Booster, 2018
  • -   Winner of the SME instrument phase I grant, October 2018
  • -   65 k€ in R&D contract agreement in 2018
  • -   > 180 k€ pipeline in 2019
  • -   160 k€ collected from private investors

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 833032

This project has received funding from the European Institute of Technology - Raw materials Start-up booster programme under grant agreement No  15099-SCLC

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