Composite Research

CoRe was born with the aim of bringing to the market a real innovation in terms of the use of new materials. Often new technologies struggle to emerge, simply because of a lack of knowledge of the most revolutionary solutions on the market.

CoRe therefore aims to represent a bridge between the world of innovative materials and the various industrial verticals, offering a consultancy service on the development of new applications that exploit technologies that have not yet been explored.



Sector: Medical

Customer: Progetti Medical, Trofarello (Italy)

Designed to reduce the incidence of internal injuries, Chest-eR is a protective device for chest compressions designed to improve the quality of cardiac massage in complete safety. A professional solution whose patent combines:

- Non-Newtonian materials capable of dissipating the impact energy of too violent chest compressions.
- A special three-layer internal structure that reduces dangerous stresses produced by incorrect application of force and redistributes excessive forces over the entire area of the device. 
- Sophisticated algorithms ensure a luminous electronic feedback system able to communicate proper execution of the massage in accordance with the international guidelines. 

Green thin-walled hollow spheres


Sector: Sport & Leisure

Customer: Konsultec servizi, Savigliano (Italy)

Feasibility study on the production of thin-walled hollow spheres through the research and preliminary development of biodegardable and compostable high-performance materials.

New production principles for biodegradable and compostable materials.