Composite Research

In a fast growing global economy, weight, encumbrance, environmental impact and modularity are key concepts. At present however, companies must choose between structural strength/insulation efficiency and lightweight/transportability. Often, the wished result is achieved only by the use of complex systems (hinges) and additional material layers, with consequent increased costs and labour. In developing the MadFlex, CoRe wanted to give companies the opportunity not to choose, but to have all they needed in a single, highly performing product.

The economic strength of the MadFlex relies on its infinite versatility as it can be applied to endless sectors and applications. CoRe wishes to work alongside prominent companies from its different sectors of interest, in order to design and develop new applications in MadFlex, through licensing and royalties agreements.


  • Improved logistics
    9m MadFlex rollable in 20 cm. No need for exceptional transport and reduction of encumbrances for shipments.
  •  New building solutions
    Green, anti-seismic and with a futuristic aesthetic finish

  •  Sustainable mobility
    Reduced weight, fuel consumption and environmental impact

  •  Freedom of movement
    Safe and highly performing orthopaedic devices. 


Two equity investors already financially support CoRe, holding a minority share of the company. The first, Luigi Costa, is a polymer chemistry PhD Professor at the University of Turin, expert in the field of composite materials. Besides his contribution to the R&D activities, he also provides the team with useful connections with prominent technicians from all over the world. The second, Cesare Mangone, is the CEO and president of a leading Italian company active in the bio-medical sector, who has also made his expertise and network available to the start-up.

In 2016, CoRe won the Booster Call promoted by the Raw Material section of the European Institute of Technology and in 2018 we were shortlisted among the 10 finalists at the JEC World Startup Booster.