Composite Research

CoRe is an Italian start-up, aimed at the study of new product and process solutions in the field of composite materials. In 2015, we developed and patented an innovative composite sandwich called the MADFLEX and started to introduced it to the market. Thanks to a weight and an environmental impact 4 times lower than ABS and aluminium and to its unique mechanical properties, the MadFlex allows rethinking, redesigning and simplifying a considerable number of applications in different fields, from automotive/nautical to building /furnishing, from aerospace/defence to sport /healthcare.

In a fast growing global economy, weight, encumbrance, environmental impact and modularity are key concepts. At present however, companies must choose between structural strength/insulation efficiency and lightweight/transportability. Often, the wished result is achieved only by the use of complex systems (hinges) and additional material layers, with consequent increased costs and labour. In developing the MadFlex, CoRe wanted to give companies the opportunity not to choose, but to have all they needed in a single, highly performing product. 


Folding like technical fabric + Rigid as  structural materials

In the first years of activity, we have succeeded in optimizing the MadFlex with an 80% reduction in the raw material costs and a significant increase in the mechanical performances.

In 2017, CoRe received a grant from the EIT Raw Materials and signed an agreement with the Polytechnic Schools of Turin and Milan for the development of a joint project in the building sector. In 2018, CoRe was shortlisted among the 10 finalists at the JEC Startup Booster, the biggest global event in the composite materials sector.